We design and deliver quality, timely and affordable telecommunications services

Who We Are

March IT creates value by connecting people in remote places. As an ACMA licensed telecommunications carrier, we design and deliver quality, timely and affordable telecommunications services. We enhance the effectiveness and productivity of our clients in remote and challenging locations, where 3G and satellite services provide expensive and/or poor solutions.

We are passionate about reducing the impact of isolation from family, friends and head office by providing reliable telecommunications to remote places. We set the benchmark for remote connectivity solutions and consistently exceed client expectations.

With over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, we are sure to deliver solutions to cater to our clients’ needs. We understand the impact of being separated from family, friends and colleagues in head office, and it is at our core to keep your staff connected.

Our Company values are paramount to our success; they are our combined identity, provide the context for making decisions, and guide how we operate our business and interact with our colleagues, clients and end-users.

We incorporate our values into everything we do and we share stories, experience and examples of our values on a daily basis to keep them alive and thriving in our business.


The best team wins

Safety – people go home from work as well or better than they arrived


Is king

We deliver results with well-designed systems and processes


We are proactive and prepared

We schedule time for continual improvement and development


Is a competitive advantage

Being transparent and considered with our intentions