We ensure our clients' offices are operating efficiently in remote locations

Office Networking

March IT designs office networking services suitable for our clients operating in remote locations. We understand the time and costs required to set up project site offices and provide turnkey services to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients experience simplicity and flexibility by combining this solution with a March IT remote internet or private data service.


Our Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony connects users to key stakeholders through a simple and reliable managed phone system. Hosted VoIP technology allows users to make calls through internet services, eliminating the need for managing expensive and complicated phone systems on site.
Our routing and switching ensures all users have reliable access to the internet and corporate network through quality hardware and cabling.
Our Wi-Fi services allow staff to connect their various devices such as iPhones, iPads, and tablets around the office to the network. This supports business processes and provides mobility throughout the office.
Our Point-to-Multipoint services allow site offices to share a March IT remote internet or private data network when there are multiple site offices in a project area. To ensure costs are controlled, shared bandwidth is delivered across multiple site offices.