We deliver dependable services enabling maximum productivity and ensured reliability

Managed Services

March IT provides network security, ongoing remote monitoring services, as well as maintenance and support to ensure solutions meet expectations and provide exceptional value for money. Whether for business or personal use, users are provided with a dependable service, enabling maximum productivity and ensured reliability.


24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and alerts enable our service team to identify trends that may lead to future problems, and take action before an issue occurs. Monthly utilisation reports give our clients visibility into how services are being used, allowing us to tailor solutions to meet your needs, ensuring maximum value for money.
March IT’s internal systems, based around the industry best-practice Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), ensure all service requests are captured, prioritised and responded to in a timely and consistent manner. Our internal procedures, based on the ISO 9001 Quality Standard, ensure increased organisational memory, so no matter the changes in your business or ours, our technicians are always up-to-speed with the current environment.
We back all of our services with a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) containing agreed performance targets. To prove our commitment, in the rare case that agreed targets are not met, we offer clients a credit on monthly service fees.