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Understand what the different between Fibre, Fixed Wireless and Satellite, and what service type works for you.

March IT is now assisting clients with their mobile telephone coverage to eliminate black spots around their sites.

The cost of lost productivity resulting from absenteeism and presentism (employees presenting for work when they are unwell) resulted in compensation claims amounting to $11 billion per year. By implementing corporate wellness programs businesses can expect to see a return on investment (ROI) of $2.30.

In all of our clients’ sites, we guarantee every user can access 5Mbps, always. Why? Because Skype recommends 1.5Mbps per call, FaceTime recommends 3Mbps per video call, and Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD video streaming. It allows users to access high definition apps and services, without buffering, providing the best user experience possible.

March IT proudly partnered with The Lunch to Leave No-One Behind in December 2016, an inaugural event to raise awareness and much needed funds for Rural and Remote Mental Health (RRMH).

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In project pre-planning, telecommunications services are often forgotten.  We expect there’s going to be signal wherever we go. In rural and remote Australia, that is often not the case. Read here about how we have helped the mining and resources industry access high quality telecommunications in short timeframes.

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We recently performed a feasibility study for a client in Moura, Queensland. Using drones is an innovative and cost effective solution, allowing us to see long distances and save time and money for the client.

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The WA Education and Health Standing Committee completed a study on the impact of FIFO work practices on mental health. Here is an overview of how quality communications is vitally important to reduce the impacts of isolation and mental ill-health.

If you stay in FIFO villages, here are our 7 tips to avoid peak hour frustration!

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