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Accommodation Village Wi-Fi

March IT specialises in FIFO Accommodation Wi-Fi and guarantees solutions designed to deliver high speed, reliable in room coverage.

March IT Wi-Fi is designed to provide mobility, and simultaneous and uninterrupted service for all accommodation village residents, at all times. Our experience has been gained in delivering Wi-Fi to over 4,000 residents to date. We ensure all residents are able to contact family and friends simultaneously, without interruption, without exception.

Our Wi-Fi solutions can also be tailored to administration and operation offices located in the accommodation village.


100% of FIFO workers say they have had problems using Wi-Fi around their village

This comes down to the amount of bandwidth available for a camp to use, and the design of Wi-Fi around the village.

Internet usage has increased by 65% in the last 12 months and is expected to continue to increase. The availability of streaming services such as a Netflix, Stan and FoxtelGo has been a key contributor to this. Mobile apps make it easier to perform daily tasks like paying bills, staying connected on social media, and keeping up with current affairs.

On average, our clients use 6TB (6,000 GB) of data per month in a 500 person accommodation village. This equates to:

connection-to-the-cloud (1)

Per village, per month

6 TB

multiple-users-silhouette (2)

Per person, per month

12 GB


Every person, every night


It is so important that your speed, data package, and equipment are scalable to support growth. Usage will continue to increase and, without understanding the requirements for suitable Wi-Fi solutions, the user experience will continue to degrade.